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Chee Gap Kim M.D

Dr. Kim is a graduate of Seoul National University's College of Medicine, which is the most prestigious medical school in Korea. After graduating he served as a military physician in the Korean Army. Once he had finished his military service, he claimed his residency at the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre, specializing in Physical medicine and Rehabilitation. He has always special interest in pain management. In 1989, Dr. Kim began practicing as the first pain specialist serving Korean population in New Jersey. He founded Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center, PC, and serves as the medical director.

He was the Chairman of Rehabilitation Medicine Department at the Hackensack University Medical Center from 1994 to 2001.

Dr. Kim is constantly searching for the most scientific and effective ways to treat patients’ chronic pain within the shortest time frame. He recruited the most specialized and devoted practitioners, and numerous patients have been treated with excellent outcome.

Patients suffering from severe, chronic pain should be aware of their condition, and actively participate in various types of treatment programs and exercise therapies.

Dr. Kim is famous for explaining difficult aspect of the medical knowledge in a way that patients easily understand. He helps patients to alleviate pain as quickly as possible so that they can go about their normal daily lives. Moreover, Dr. Kim devotes himself to preventing pain from turning into chronic pain – which is more difficult to treat.

All pain is something only the patients themselves feel, and it is difficult for the people around them to understand the pain and impairment. There are many cases of pain where a patient may appear fine from the outside, but have serious lesions inside. Furthermore, there are many cases where a patient can have severe pain despite having normal MRI and other diagnostic tests. Dr. Kim thoroughly understands the special characteristics of this kind of pain and impairments. By providing an explanation he helps reduce patient’s pain and helps them overcome their disabilities.

Dr. Kim is also very interested in education. He was formerly a clinical lecturer at SUNY, and he now works endlessly to deliver necessary knowledge to patients through both newspapers and broadcast media.

Dr. Jooun Ha DC, LAc.

Graduate of SUNY at Binghamton
Graduate of University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic
Graduate of New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Member of American Chiropractic Association
National Board Certified NBCE, NCCAOM
Certified Chiropractic Physician in NY, NJ
Licensed Acupuncturist in NY, NJ
Certified to practice Herbology in NY, NJ

Our Staff

Mie Hea Park, CRNP, RN

Graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Graduate of NYU College of Nursing

Jin Hee Choi, PT

Graduate of Yonsei University, College of Health Science Rehabilitation Therapy
Freehold Rehabitation & Nursing Center and Englewood Hospital Home Health Service

Yun Ju Lee

Graduate of D.P.T Dominican College
M.S. Rehabilitation Therapy in Yonsei University
Health Science in PT in Yonsei University

Woo Sun Im

Graduate of Korea University
Graduate of Laguardia Community College PTA Program
Mount Sinai Hospital

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